What Is Isolated_Verse???

Isolated verse well it started out as a blog to review technology; but soon evolved into a multi issue blog; With many categories… It’s a place to rest my weary thoughts; to moan… to shout about to inform and express opinions;

A blog to rule them all… if you dare to say.

It is a ponder a wonder a monologue and a prologue…. thoughts and the etchings of my fragile soul.

Isolated Verse is the place for Technology reviews, film reviews, tv reviews sometimes music and other of my musings…

I hope you enjoy your stay at isolated_verse

as always comments always welcomed


If you have time after reading any of my content come back here and if you could complete a survey only if you have time of course; Don’t want to be all pushy like.

OI FILL OUT MY BLOG NOW OR GIVE ME 100 PRESS UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂



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