And the award for worst mobile network is……

Who remembers the old dial up connection internet where it was so sluggish it sometimes felt like an eternity just to load a page? And the old 2G internet connection on mobile phones and wap?
With lightning speed broadband and 4G coverage the world is a faster. I have pretty much used every mobile operator except O2.
I remember three was the worst for mobile reception.
Having recently joined Vodafone; on a 4G contract and i will be honest i have been less than impressed the connection is slugish and quite slow. Having had some financial difficulties had to go to vodafone pay as you go on 3G. And my god is that worse.
Isnt this meant to be the modern age? And i always thought vodafone was a huge network.
But i have found it an horrible experience especially on the 3G pay as you go; way too much buffering when trying to watch videos even using the bitstrips app on the iphone can be a stressful experience feels too much like the old dial up rather than 3G.
Vodafone really do need to sort themselves out;
Part of me just wants to refuse to pay for the outstanding bill i owe out of principle.
Is it too much to ask to have a decent internet connection on a high 4G tariff. Because at the moment i am not getting what i pay for.
I would highly recommend anyone to stay away from Vodafone pay as you go unless its a 4G one and that you like Vodafone.


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