iPad Air initial impressions

From the very first moment you hold the IPad air the lightness and iPad air doesn’t look as chunky or big as previous models; it is quite a joy to hold as it doesn’t hurt to hold in one hand for a prolonged period.
But in truth if you have an iPad with retina display it may be quite a fight to really justify the upgrade, but that said the IPad Air is a very nice device, it’s fast and is a top end tablet device it’s what you’ve come to expect from apple.
Though the rear camera hasn’t been played with so you don’t really get the same features as the IPhone 5S which I do find surprising, with the smaller bezel sometimes holding it makes it harder to use if your scrolling or browsing the net. This isn’t a big problem as it can only happen occasionally or maybe I just have clumsy fingers.
Another thing that wasn’t added was touch ID which in itself is rather curious, the IPhone 5S has it. And with the air looking to be Apple’s flagship Tablet, and considering Touch ID was one of the main selling points of the 5S leaving it out of the air is rather curious; though I suspect the Air 2 (if that is what they will call it) will more than likely have Touch ID.
Don’t mean to hark on this same subject I have covered and by many other people as well is Apples amnesia when it comes to expandable memory, that is something that always dogged Apples IPad or IPhone release. The problem here is because of the wealth of media available on an apple device, apps music and videos. And this is where Apple lack behind samsung. But as we all know this is the norm at Apple.
But the air is by far the best iPad to come out which is to be expected as it is a newer model, but the size and weight of the air makes the tablet experience that much better, of course Sony’s tablet is very thin and does look nice.
Of course it’s IOS7 which is a controversial marmite like OS you either love it or hate it, I myself like it; it is a step into the right direction. Though in truth the IOS7 does make itself look a bit child like with its appearance. But I like it not as boring looking as previous incantations.
But Apple will again need to work on this but I wouldn’t say this was a disadvantage in having an IOS7 device.
The iPad air is a classy bit of kit, will it win over apple haters? Not to sure the android loving folk love there OS much like the apple lovers love there own OS don’t think apple have done enough with IOS7 to win over android users. I myself prefer Apples OS over Androids.
So I would always choose an IPad over a samsung tablet or any other variation.
That’s not to say I think the iPad air is the best and all other tablets are just rubbish.
We all know when it comes to buying a tablet it’s down to your own preference.
We’ll thanks for reading my small initial impressions….. More to come.






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