The Changing of Times



Technology has evolved greatly over the years and that’s pretty much an understatement, but there are also victims to this? With downloading and online streaming on top of Netflix and lovefilm, Blockbusters went into administration and has faded into the past like an echo; HMV nearly suffered the same fate. As a society this is commonplace, we all crave new technology that new gadget to wet your appetite.

Bigger phones replaced by smaller phones, no longer need a camera as most decent Smartphone’s hold a decent enough camera.

Back in the day tablet like devices where more star trek than reality but nowadays everyone pretty much owns one whether an Ipad or a Samsung or a Surface tablet.

Phone watches the list goes on and on. And of course with the sudden craze of 3D printing whatever next? A mobile teleportation device ah that would be beautiful no more having to rely on public transport.

I remember when Facebook first came into the public consciousness who would have thought it would have taken off, but it is huge well it’s massive, then came twitter and a few other social networking sites evolved from that.

Social networking had always claimed it would bring people closer together? And has it fulfilled that promise? Yes it has in a big way, but as in life there is always darkness between the light.

Bullying has found another stage another weapon; it appears that it is still on the rise, and getting abuse from other Twitter users, and so on.

I’m not going to harp on about the darkened world of social networking as we all know the various sides to social networking.

Nor shall I proclaim my hate for them; I am an avid user of social networking, though thankfully I’m not overly obsessed and update my status on everything I do in my day.

Technology is something we all crave and it is a good thing of course technology helps us.

Of course it also hinders us as well, as social skills are less more physical these days, and that’s not to say I think no one socialises in real life that humanity spend there time in front of a screen. That would be a false statement.

I couldn’t live without my phone its my portal to a bigger world, no longer are we alone or locked in our own little countries, as I have friends on facebook and twitter from America and other countries, and constantly learn new things, and the going’s on as well. The world isn’t as small as it used to me.

Like everything really if used right technology and the web can be such a beautiful thing.

But there is one thing I remain old fashioned with and that is reading books, you cannot beat the smell and feel of a book a Tablet or Kindle could never replicate that. Again that’s not to say I am against E-books. This is just my own personal preference. 

what do you all think about the ever growing technology? the state of social networking? is it good or bad? would love to hear your thoughts on this, am I wrong?

Thanks for reading


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