Gadgets…. Gadgets…… Gadgets….

Well with Christmas around the corner, and the abundance of technology penetrating the public conscientiousness,  it can be  a hard thing keeping up to date as a new version of a product keeps on coming.

Ok let’s talk about Tablets and nope not talking about paracetamol.

Ipad Air


like the name suggests the Ipad Air is thinner than previous models and is lighter to hold, The Ipad air has a sleek design which you come to expect from Apple, and has a great power running the device, though surprisingly as Apple had bigged up the whole touch ID on the new Iphone 5S the Ipad air lacks that, not to say that’s a bad thing just surprising  that apple wouldn’t bestow touch ID on there flagship tablet. and unsurprisingly but disappointing again the Ipad air is dogged by the inability to add storage as it comes in it’s usual sizes, upgradable memory is something Apple should start thinking about. The Ipad air with it’s 43% thinner bezel and is a 28% lighter; you can’t argue with the elegant design of the Ipad Air, and the performance is brilliant too without lagging problems and works well. But of course IOS7 which has pretty much a divided viewpoint it’s basically marmite you either love it or hate it. of course the Ipad Air is quite an expensive gift and not exactly wallet friendly. But it is a nice design.

2/Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1



though the new Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 looks nice don’t think it looks as nice as the Ipad Air, but it does offer expandable memory options of course the mighty pen. it comes with Android Jelly Bean installed, very good movie playback which is better than the Ipad air, but the design does slightly let it down and the camera is pretty average, also doesn’t support 3g so it’s only a Wi-fi model which may not be a problem to some, and isn’t really a major put off. As you will probably know I am not a huge Android fan. But there is a lot of fun that can be done on this little tablet.

3/Sony Xperia Tablet Z



I will admit to liking the look of this tablet from Sony, very thin and light, the screen is beautiful supposedly has a great keyboard as that has been my major gripe with android devices I just can’t use them, yes I know a very strange gripe to have. thought the rather awkward angular design can be off putting, the battery is average which is a shame as Sony should know a good battery life is a huge selling point for tablets nowadays, and can take time to charge so probably not a good tablet for someone who suffers from impatience. it is a nice tablet, but with the Ipad Air. But I suppose if you look at it from an Android point of view does look much nicer than the Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1.

4/new google nexus 7


I like the look of the New google nexus 7 which is a huge improvement from the original one, the nexus 7 is easier to hold than the above tablet’s I’ve already mentioned and is reasonably priced, holds a strong battery life, but with no 64Gb option, and 6Gb memory already taken up before you even open it. It’s a nice tablet but if you want a high performing tablet, maybe not the one for you. That’s not to say the nexus 7 is a load of rubbish and should be ignored. It all comes down to what you want? do you prefer IOS or Android? screen size? yada yada yada.

Ok Mobile phones

1/Iphone 5S


The Iphone 5S came onto the scene like a dragon searching for treasure, it came with touch ID yep unlocking your phone using fingerprints, very high tech, though in look hasn’t changed from the 5 part from the new colors, I myself have found the iphone 5s a joy to use, rather than the 5 which I had major issues with, though that could be down to me just being unlucky. But the Iphone 5S is a nice phone, yes it’s IOS7. yes expandable memory still not available, but it has more power under the bonnet, and is a luxurious phone to have.  But whether it would sway the apple haters who knows, I like the new Iphone.

2/HTC One



The HTC One with its sleek design and boom sound speakers is a marvelous phone is a beauty to hold and look at, with beats audio listening to music or watching movies is a joy, the screen is vibrant, and it just looks so elegant, thanks to the HTC One I’ve probably had one of my best experiences with Android on this phone. But like apple and previous HTC devices still no expandable memory options, which again is surprising as the amount of stuff people do nowadays you would think both Apple and HTC would realize this. 4-7 inch full HD screen is pretty mouth watering and is probably the first Android phone I would recommend myself.

Well that is me for now, as I cannot review too much as haven’t had much chance to look around.

hope you enjoyed and as always thanks for reading


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