Why Do I Like Apple?

Yep that has been the burning question burning my mind today, why I do not know? So why do I like Apple? is it because I can pretend it’s part of my five a day? (sorry i know a bad Apple joke)

Is it because the IOS interface is simple and has loads of apps? is it because Apple themselves are pretty good at customer services? make an appointment and enter the realm of the Apple shops?

Of course that’s not to say Apple is perfect and never does anything wrong, every mobile platform and the mobile phones that house them have problems, for anyone that knows me… knows that I have never really liked Android much the OS just drains battery. Though owning the HTC One has slightly changed my opinion of Android, but the battery drain is still a slight issue (HTC One is a very beautiful phone and a huge fan) but strangely enough I have a problem with Androids keyboard and because I text a lot does cause a problem, hence the reason I went back to Apple yes was a gamble as I did have huge problems with the Iphone 5 thats when I moved to Android as I liked the look and feel of the HTC One and though the Nokia Lumia is a nice phone Windows 8 isn’t really that much of a competitor to either Apple or Android.

I think Apple has done something right with the Iphone 5S though I know some don’t like the new IOS7, I think it’s a step in the the right direction from Apple, not a giant leap but a step towards it. Though removing Facebook and twitter integration puzzles me (as in a shortcut in the notification centre to post status or tweet) but that is a small quibble.

I am neither a Apple fanboy or a Droidy (is that an ok nickname for Android fans?)

but there is something about being able to go into a shop and get help with your phone or tablet or laptop/computer, yes I have jokingly commented on the Apple stores cult like appearance, but I like the way apple treat there customers ok there not too Wallet friendly.  I am not going to comment on who is better Apple or Android? that argument doesn’t interest me never has, as both Apple and Android to appeal to different types of people, but I am a bit of an app guy so of course Apple wins on that point, but thats not to say Android are lazy and are not upto scratch Android itself has a wealth of apps. But as I said I just like Apples OS.  ok personalisation is a bit minimalistic and I do hope Apple do start to change this, as Apple would do well if they gave you more choices so you can personalize your iphone more your own way rather than just wallpapers and ringtones.

Apple is flawed we all know that, so is Android and Window’s, but no mobile platform is perfect.

so in closing why do I like Apple? because I do simple as that no shadowy conspiracy No backhanders in a dark alley. just I like apple more than Android simples.

Well thanks for reading I will be back I know I have kinda gone AWOL  a bit from this blog but will be back to do more stuff.



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