Iphone 5s the same old story?

So it’s here the Iphone 5s has finally hit the shops and we now know what the 5S looks like yes it looks like the 5 huh? Come on did you really think Apple would change?

Ok let’s firstly look at the design nah lets skip that bit I think

display is a four-inch screen, and comes with a resolution of 1136 x 640, making it still razor sharp at 326DPI. Though Apple decided not to up the screen size, well with the current Phablet craze you might have to ponder why Apple decided not to, but then again yes follow the formula Iphone 6….  And of course the shiny new IOS 7 as well. I do like the kind of animation as you flip through the apps, it is a nice touch by apple.

Touch ID

yes fingerprinting we’ve all wanted this at some point pretending we’re James Bond or some kind of spy, I like this idea, not only can you use your fingerprint to unlock your phone but also to buy things from the App store or Itunes, so the Iphone 5s is safer…. well unless you decide to ignore that some robbers may choose to chop of your fingers as well as robbing you of your sparkling new phone….

also of course has a A7 chip which boasts a huge boost in power, but it’s also been turbo-charged to a 64-bit CPU; the 64-bit chip will allow  more powerful processing and a greater amount of power to be plugged through the phone for most tasks. It will tolerate a greater amount of RAM in the future too. good yeah? still not impressed? who the hell are you? 🙂

Apple has always been the leader in there chip designs yep they still rule that boat…

whats the M7 chip? what two chips sit inside the 5s?

the M7 chip let’s the  main CPU snooze while it tracks the motion of the phone, through the accelerometer, gyrometer and compass. This means that it will know when you’re jogging or when you’re in the car, clever little boy innit and can  also take that information and store it without needing to drain the battery by having the main CPU chugging away. It can even retrofit the data to apps that you download at a later date, meaning any M7-enabled app that uses the new CoreMotion API will be able to give you information on recent training.

Contacts even under the new IOS 7 still lacks greatly still kind of boring and obsolete but maybe Apple will fix that later, as not really a huge problem unless you love to sit at home staring at a contact screen.

internet browsing is also faster and more fluid, the camera has also had an overhaul 8 megapixel camera (though should have pushed for a ten maybe) with  an f/2.2 aperture for better low light pictures. it supposedly takes a good picture another yay, you can also make your videos slo-mo the video element of the 5S is nothing amazing really but it’s a welcome start.

The gallery app where your photo’s are stored and now done in date order which again is a welcome addition to Apples new flagship phone.

so battery life well from what I hear it’s an improvement but nothing brilliant, but then again most smartphones barely manage a very decent battery life.

and yes there is no NFC apple still seem to choose to pretend it doesn’t exist naughty Apple NFC is real use it.



well thanks for reading


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