A Quick thought on IOS 7 for Ipad

Been awhile I know, but it’s here IOS 7 I can feel the jolt of excitement from you all or maybe I’ve lost it who knows, I just upgraded to the new IOS 7 this morning for my Ipad 4 (or Ipad with retina display) whatever you want to call it, and can tell you what a complete change, My Ipad looks like a new one erm does it? Yes the new IOS 7 is quite a vibrant change for Apple, sp what does the new IOS 7 give you?

The IOS 7 design has changed pretty dramatically, it’s a make over for Apple and it’s beloved IOS, it’s had it’s little beauty treatment and is now ready to wow the world but will it? The design looks rather joyful like look at me I am the IOS 7 I can be your friend 🙂

Notification centre

Well the notification centre has changed not just a small little bar at the top, drag it down and the notification centre is broken up into three tabs, today, all and missed, maybe not revolutionary but a nice upgrade anyways.

Control centre

just swipe the bottom of the screen and it appears like magic, here you can play music, switch the bluetooth on or off switch the wi-fi on or off yada yada yada, and of course you can play around with the brightness, it is a nice little feature.


basically a limited range way of sharing pictures and so with other Ipads/Iphones, a nice little feature but don’t really see this one being used much but it is a nice addition.

you can also change the font size in apps good if you need glasses and well can’t read the small print.

your also greeted with new sounds and ringtones yay

The camera has had a revamp too aaaaw Apple has gone all the way haven’t they (sorry starting to sound a bit sarcastic aren’t I)  with new filters, focusing without tapping on the screen, One of the neatest aspects of iOS 7 is parallax wallpapers. Using the gyroscope on your iOS 7 makes the wallpaper move with your movements. Tilt to the right, so will your wallpaper.

Switching through apps is still done by double tapping the home button, but you’ll notice the interface now appears more like Web OS. or even like the HTC One You can swipe left and right to navigate apps. Flick up on an app closes it and you can close an app while you are in it.

So what tweaks has Siri had?????????

Now it can get your name right if your like me don’t have a normal English or a harder to pronounce one you can become a teacher and teach Siri to get your name right, Siri can now also tell you whats going on in the Twitter world example you can ask what is @isolated_verse saying on twitter” and it will show you very nice.

and you can also change Siri’s gender male or female… Nice

Apps are also automatically updated,

Well ok thats me for now I havent had a chance to use it properly, but initially the new design does look nice it looks fresh, and does look like Apple are starting to be more fresh rather than tired and boring. So a good start from Apple only time will tell, and with the Iphone 5S being released tomorrow Good times for Apple?

Thanks for reading


passcode image ios7


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