Nokia Lumia 925

The problem with the Lumia 925 is it’s too much like the 920 apart from the feel of the phone nothing much separates it from the 920, you have to feel that Nokia have missed out on something here, I actually liked the Lumia 920 though Windows is a bit restrained with the lack of apps. But the Lumia 925 should have been a next step not just a tweak here and there you kind of expect that from apple, but at least apple do quite a few tweaks. The Lumia 925 though does feel nice and thinner and has a great camera, granted the Lumia 925 pretty much only has the HTC windows phone as a main competitor.  But you would think that Nokia would try to compete against the other phones on the market. Or maybe Nokia should create there own OS as Windows though quite fun with live tiles is again lacking in the creativity of Android and the mass apps of the Appstore on Apple.

I don’t know the Nokia Lumia 925 does have a build to say love me but doesn’t match the HTC One.  I think it’s a shame that Nokia decided to do this, the 925 should be revolutionary and different in every way not just the outside appearance.

I’m not sure if the 925 will win any new fans or not; maybe I’m wrong but I just found that the 925 lacked where it matters. Boasting the same specs as the 920 but having less memory with a measly 16GB of internal storage. (again no memory card slot) and no wireless charging (though in truth don’t think wireless charging really hit off did it)

I wouldn’t say the 925 was a rubbish phone as I said the build quality is pretty good.  with a  8.7MP  camera and good at low light pictures probably a good selling point, but is a good camera enough to suck you into the world of the Nokia Lumia? As I always say it’s good to have a good camera on your phone, but for proper picture taking I use my Nikon. So for me not really a major thing when coming to choosing a mobile phone.

You would think that in the ever competing mobile market Nokia would have tried harder, and not concede to the fact Samsung and Apple rule the mobile market, Nokia needed invention to bring something new to the market, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality just doesn’t work nowadays.

And the 920 didn’t exactly blow the market away did it? maybe Nokia should just bridge the gap between Android and Apple. It’s hard because you are stuck between the two. I didn’t like the Iphone 5 problematic experience that I had, but not a fan of Android so if there was another OS that was stable and had everything the other two OS had Nokia would be onto something there.

But maybe I’m just being picky here? So I suppose it’s all on if you liked the 920 but felt it was a bit heavy and chunky then yes the 925 would be a worthy upgrade as it does have a better camera aswell. But would the Nokia Lumia 925 prize you away from the Iphone 5, Samsung galaxy S4 and HTC One then probably not well of course unless you don’t like them phones.

may be able to get my hands on one to use properly so if I can will do a much more better review. But have held one and used it for a few hours. So this is just an initial review.

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