The Ipad 4 or Ipad with retina display or the new Ipad?

So after a hiatus from the world of the tablet after my rather old and fidgety original Ipad died, I was left with nothing, well had the Kindle Fire HD which was good but not really a powerful tablet but great to read books on. So the time came (yes I caved in to my technological obsession) got the new Ipad or Ipad 4 or Ipad with retina display whatever it’s called, came yesterday (no actual pics was way too tired to be snapping away)

it actually feels quite nice, a slight bit on the heavy side, but not too heavy. thinner and the Retina screen is mind blowing. I can actually see the colour on the screen <——- Sarcasm.

So I am reunited with the Apple IOS, granted the New Ipad isn’t much of a upgrade from the Ipad 3 so some may ponder at the point of getting one. But I have upgraded from an Ipad 1 so it is a worthy upgrade and a much needed one as the original Ipad was bulky looked well out dated and no camera. Though taking pictures with an 9.7 inch tablet still feels weird, but hey that’s just me.

haven’t properly messed around with it but to be honest we all know what an Ipad is good at and what it’s not, so doesn’t really need a full on review (yay sorry feeling rather lazy today)

got a nice case with a Bluetooth keyboard probably not the best cover as it is unbranded got it cheap from Dave a guy who drives round Feltham proclaiming he has deals and steals of the (enter swear word here) century. Does make me look we more professional and businessman like, so when I pop into ASDA the security officers will not need to watch me like a hawk. Bloody untrusting people security officers are and I should know I am one 🙂

Though the Irony is just got this and I know the new Ipad will be released soon, story of my life really, as when I finally got the Ipad 1 two days later the Ipad 2 was released you should have seen me I was in tears for weeks.

From what I know from little use so far, it is very responsive people say it is heavy which it is but not heavy enough to complain about really.  well that’s me for now may do a carry on with this or not.

Thanks for reading folks





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