The wondrous philosophical pondering s of the meaning of life

One evening I sat on the lavatory contemplating the meaning of life; one of those perpetual thoughts that pretty much lingered on through the day as I watched Monty Pythons Life of Brian.
Wondering if an answer would ever be found? Could you phone a friend for the answer or maybe a 50/50 who knows.
But I thought to myself many scholars have attempted this so what chance would a 32 year old single security guard have?
But for some reason that didn’t stop me.
Life like society is fractured. Religion no longer holds sway over the constant nagging of doubt. Religion has been hi-jacked by extremists.
Society is slowly breaking apart as the recess of celebrity eats away at society like a crazed monkey addicted to Cocaine.
But is there an actual tangible answer to the meaning of life? Or is it just a pipe dream? A question that’s never meant to be answered?
a stumbling block in my mission is that well I know no one that could even come close to answering that, journalists and other security, so really it’s a lost cause, when was the last time you saw a thirty something nobody make the find of the century?
But I shall endeavourer to find these answers of course not now will need a bit of time, but I shall chronicle my journey so will it end in enlightenment or into the proverbial abyss? I do not know the answer to this.
well thanks for reading.

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