Has Peter Jackson lost his Mojo?

With the major success of the lord of the rings trilogy, you would be right in thinking Peter Jackson was the man of the moment. Then came King Kong which did marginally well though I myself didn’t like the film it was too long and slow at times. Then came lovely bones which did not do too well. Though i liked the film.
But it’s The Hobbit that will more than likely answer this question.
But the film itself will lay a hard struggle. As it has to compare to the other films and to the Tolkien purists.
The film did well on its release.
I myself enjoyed it with my 3D glasses in the cinema wowed by great magic. But the film has held criticism. Some stating the use of “48 frames per second… Couple that with 3D and the movie looks so hyper-real that you see everything that’s fake about it.
The film being released today (8/4/13)
I expect high sales; the hobbit blu ray steelbook edition is very nice looks better than some of the steelbook editions that have been released recently (Predator 2/Platoon)
So in this humble reviewers opinion Peter Jackson has still got his mojo.
And the film is epic; though i do agree some effects look fake at times because of the 48 frames per second. But i do not allow this to bother me nor does it deter from the film itself.
Whether it is true to the book I do not know.
But in all honesty its a good breathe of fresh air from the hollywood action movies being spurned out like Katie Price’s weddings Over done and boring.





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