knock knock…. Whose there? Doctor Who

I have some very fond memories of Doctor Who growing up, my main doctor was Sylvester McCoy, I do remember bits of the sixth doctor before McCoy Colin Baker. from the theme music to the fantastical adventures. then in 1989 it vanished thought to be never seen again. Then in 1996 with co-production from America with Paul McGann who I thought made a good doctor but did not get started and was left alone.

Then 2005 it was regenerated again with a new doctor and a thirteen episode run labelled series one. Christopher Eccleston took the Doctor duties but he only lasted one season, Eccleston in truth admitted to not being a fan of Doctor who. He was a good doctor who but he was replaced by David Tennant who quickly became the fans favourite.

then came Matt Smith the current Incantation of doctor who I think many where sceptical over Matt Smith being A young doctor. But I think he’s doing a good job and people have warmed up to him. I got to say of all the deaths/re-generations my fave is David Tennant’s/Matt Smith is my fave because not just the effects they used to show the transformation is was the emotional side to it as well. Tennant played it differently, as he went through time visiting old friends, and standing alone in the Tardis in a kind of soulful look as he says he doesn’t want to go as the re-generation starts. Do you agree? was David Tennant’s final moments the best so far?

There has been many talk about the 50th anniversary show, David Tennant and Billie Piper look pretty definite though it appears Christopher Eccleston has snubbed the chance. also rumours that John Hurt will also be in the special.

I myself cannot wait. Some will probably laugh at a 32 year old still enjoying Doctor Who; though in truth I have had this love and hate relationship with doctor Who during the recent years I got into it then kind of got out of it and gotten back into it. It’s a guilty pleasure I suppose. So we gotta wonder what’s next in store for the doctor will Captain Jack Harkness re-unite with the current doctor? Who knows or maybe it’s best to leave them apart? there have been many kind of revelations about the doctor himself one being that the first doctor we see may not be in fact the first doctor? in the 1996 movie it was told the doctor was half human but many purists disregard this. but in the Sylvester McCoy’s period as doctor who it was hinted that he was more than just a normal time lord.

So who was your doctor? (and no doctor Legg from eastenders doesn’t count)

as always thanks for reading

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doctor who













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